Easy& Smart which can be used conveniently "Digital Flow Meter"

Slip Ring System prevent trouble and kink of armored cable for Research Vessel


Easy& Smart which can be used conveniently "Digital Flow Meater"

It's non-contact and a revolution of a feather is detected, so it's the Electronic Flow Mater which goes around lightly.

The number of rotations is indicated by LCD which has no reading mistakes clear.
To revolve lightly, the low flow rate can be even measured.

[The flow rate measurement type]

The model with only the simple number of revolution counters.
The total number of rotations is indicated 5 digits with the trip number of rotations 4 digits.
When putting it in, the trip number of rotations is reset automatically, and only when rising, it's calculated.
The trip number of rotations from the power supply arrive is multiplied by the total number of rotations. Battery
But when it disappears, the contents go off.

** with a sleep function
A feather stops, and it'll be in the sleep state in about 3 minutes. When a feather spreads on one of them, it's restated.

* It's easy by the long-lived life*.
There are no on/off switches of a power supply. When a battery is put in, it's on. When it's removed, it's off.
200m collection (1m/ second), it's 60 times + a sleep for 15 days, so the one for 2 weeks
More than 60 times can be collected by sailing.
With a battery remaining amount indication. It flashes on and off by remaining amount 20%.

[With a water depth total]

It had water depth total built-in in the flow rate measurement type.
At most 220 m (precision: within 1.5m) and the maximum water depth put in, at the place.

When it'll be more than 10 m of water depth after investment, the present maximum water depth is reset,
and it's new maximum water depth is measured.

The water depth can choose the meter and the foot. (Factory option)

 [The common specification]

Size: Diameter 63mm x length 120mm Stainless.
Weight : 454g(air) / 324g(in water)
Maximum water depth: 220m
Operating temperature: 0-45 ℃
Storage temperature: 0-45 ℃
A battery: BR435 type A lithium battery 2 bottles are used.

A swivel protects your cable from kinks*

A swivel is loaded and used between the observation equipment and the cable.
A cable can revolve freely, so "The thread gets a twist" doesn't occur to a cable.
Therefore kink.
It can be twined round a Winch smoothly.
"Free Fall" work becomes unnecessary.

A slip ring is in the swivel. While a swivel is circulating, electricity supply between the deck unit
and the observation equipment and communication can be done certainly by low noise.

≪ A wire pays out and follows hoisting speed≫.
Every kind of speed accepts "The thread gets a twist".
When needing sudden hoisting, it can correspond.

Oil is inside the swivel.
The oil balances with an external pressure.
There is no restriction of the biggest use depth for it.

≪ Great deep can be even used. ≫

≪ They're build-to-order items ≫.
I'll design by customer's use conditions and make.

< the specification>
1. I suspend and load it: Breaking force-15 tons
2. The biggest use water depth : 10,000m
3. Operating temperature: -20 to 45 ℃

< not_Turn movie >
This is the water bottle which revolves. Kinks(Looped yarn) isn't done to revolve.
But this doesn't go around in the water.
Like a weather vane.

Designed and manufactured in Japan. Repairing and periodic check conduct in Japan.
Please regard as insurance in case of cable kink or breaking of wire.

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